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Student membership access includes:

  • Monthly Live Sessions with Marsha Dunn Klein, Stephanie Cohen and / or Karen Dilfer. The dynamic learning opportunities will provide updates to the community, latest research, and the founders will help answer questions you may have!

  • Access to a library of recorded Live Mentoring sessions! Each recording has a provided summary of the discussion in each session. This allows you to find mentoring sessions that peak your interest or dive into topics that you might need assistance with!

  • Private access to the professional community of therapists for professional collaboration, inspiration, and encouragement. We created this space to help GPI founders and therapists connect on similar clients, treatment ideas, and provide a place to update our colleagues on all things GPI!

  • 20% off all GPI Master Courses, Perspectives Courses, or Concept courses purchased while a member!

  • Special events including early release of new courses and/or deep discounts on our on demand library courses for members only!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will my payment come out for my membership?

Payment is taken out on the date you initiated membership. You can find this information under the "BILLING" section of your account. Refer to question #2 on how to find this section. 

2. How do I manage my subscription?

Login to your Thinkific account. On the top right is a drop down arrow under you name. Select "MY ACCOUNT." On the left hand side select "BILLING." Your subscription is managed here. 

3. Will my subscription expire?

No! Your subscription is meant to meet your need. Feel free manage your subscription in your account at anytime. 

4. Will I lose access to all my products?

No! Once purchased, those products will remain in your library for your access at anytime.