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Getting to Yes

Negotiating with Insurance Companies and Winning Appeals for Feeding Therapy

with Jennifer Berry, OTR and
Heidi Liefer Moreland, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CLC

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Course Description

Insurance coverage is an important part of providing responsive feeding treatment for pediatric feeding problems, yet clinicians receive little to no training in navigating insurance systems. Often a denial feels like the end of the road. However, to those who understand the process, a denial is just one step closer to yes. Heidi and Jeni will share secrets they have uncovered in their quest to obtain coverage for clients in their intensive program including common reasons for denial, opportunities to provide evidence for responsive feeding, and negotiating tips for contracting with insurance companies for unique programs and services. Join us as we share what we have learned about navigating the insurance maze on behalf of our patients!

In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn to:

  • Learn common reasons for denials and where to find them

  • Develop key words to use when negotiating with insurance companies

  • Discover ways to use evidence in order to justify feeding services

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What Past Students Have To Say about Jeni and Heidi:

  • "Information backed by a lot of experience and supported by research. Presented with an overriding attitude of warmth, caring, and love for the children and families we serve."

  • "The knowledge and expertise of the presenters was fantastic!"

CEU Info

Certificates will be issued verifying participation in 1 hour of continuing education once you complete the webinar and achieve a passing grade of 100% on the quiz.  Check with your professional organizations licensing bodies to determine exactly what may be accepted for you. This course is eligible for ASHA’s professional development hour requirements. You will not require ASHA pre-approval for this. See here [https://www.asha.org/certification/FactDef/] for more information. This course is eligible for AOTA credits. Please check your state’s guidelines for specific information about this continuing education activity may apply to your state’s CEU guidelines.


This beginner level course is appropriate for occupational therapy, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, assistants, educators, early intervention providers, billing administrators, and other professionals (social workers, nurses, registered dietitians, etc.) working with children with feeding challenges. Please contact us at [email protected]  with any needs regarding accommodations. 

Course Instructors

GPI Perspectives Instructors Jennifer Berry OT/L and Heidi Liefer Moreland, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CLC

Jennifer Berry
Jennifer Berry is an occupational therapist and feeding specialist with Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics. Jennifer has more than 2 decades of experience helping children overcome challenges they face when it comes to eating. Using her extensive knowledge of learning, sensory processing, attachment, and motor skill development, Jennifer facilitates children's abilities to trust, understand and relate to food now and long into the future. Coaching parents into confidence around feeding their kids and family mealtimes brings her great joy and impactful results to the families she serves. Jennifer supports families virtually and in-person through family mealtime coaching, remote responsive feeding therapy, and the Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics Feeding Tube Weaning Program.

Heidi Liefer Moreland
Heidi is a speech therapist and feeding specialist with Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics. Heidi is a self-proclaimed “research geek”, but also has 30 years of practical experience in working with children. For the last 25 years she has specialized in working with children who have feeding challenges in a variety of settings. Relying on her training in communication, childhood development and feeding and swallowing development, Heidi helps children develop a trusting relationship with food that allows their skills to flourish. She loves helping children and families work together to develop happy and healthy mealtime communication and habits that will last and grow as they do. Heidi supports families virtually and in-person, and is a frequent speaker on pediatric feeding problems and treatment nationally and internationally.


Refunds must be requested writing and will incur a $15 fee. We are unable to give refunds after more than 10% of the course has been viewed. If the Get Permission Institute or speaker should need to cancel, course fees will be refunded or transferred to another course at the discretion of the participant.